Take the Challenge of the Siemens Student Award 2012

Imagine our world to be emission-free:
How can you upgrade our ageing infrastructure to help create a zero emission society? Urban infrastructures, factories, buildings and networks do not meet the energy efficiency needs of the future. Let us know how you would design creative and innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Participate individually or as a group by uploading your answer to the worlds toughest questions. Register here and let the online community and Siemens experts vote for your idea. Get the opportunity to present your visionary ideas in the final contest and participate in the award ceremony in Berlin. Be a winner.


The idea – Imagine sustainable solutions for a zero emission society

Participation - How to apply

Evaluation - Have your ideas rated and rate the ideas of others

Community - Submit, connect and discuss!

Top-class Award Ceremony

Timeline - Important dates!


The idea – Imagine sustainable solutions for a zero emission society

How can you upgrade our ageing environment to a zero emission society? That is the challenge at the heart of the Siemens Student Award Germany 2012!

Urban infrastructures, factories, buildings and networks do not meet the energy efficiency needs of the future. How you would design creative and innovative solutions to meet one or several of these challenges. Bare in mind, somebody has to foot the bill!

  1. Mobility

    Globalization increases transportation needs of people and goods. This has to happen at affordable costs. Think about:

    - Energy efficiency solutions for regional and long-distance traffic
    - Modern energy-efficient drives

  2. Buildings

    Buildings constructed before 1980 are responsible for up to 95% of the complete energy consumption due to the building's heating, warm water, air conditioning, lighting and ventilation. Think about:

    - Control and management of (renewable) energy supply, energy management and
      monitoring in intelligent buildings through implementation of advanced technology.
    - Smart green building concepts (e.g. campuses, offices, smart homes) with enhanced
      environmental and economic performance

  3. Factory of the future

    Production consumes a lot of energy. We need to ensure high and flexible productivity while reducing our ecological footprint. Think about:

    - Solutions for water and energy use, production processes, logistics and resources.
    - Combining virtual and real production.

  4. Energy storage

    In the future we will gain much more energy from renewables but the constraints in storage capacity limits it's use. Think about:

    - New energy storage systems.
    - Create new ways of shifting energy consumption to level out the fluctuation.

  5. Renewable energy

    - Solar, hydro, wind and geothermal power generation is already known very well. Think
      about completely new ways for generating energy from renewable sources.


To see an example of an idea submission please click on the following link:



Participation - How to apply

  • Any student at a university in Germany can participate (*)

  • Enter on your own or in a group of up to three people. If you are entering as a group, choose one person who will coordinate and serve as a link to the others.

  • Register at www.studentaward-germany.com before the 16.07.2012 31.07.2012.

  • Complete the registration form

  • Submit your idea with a short description, key benefit and abstract

  • Include any creative materials you want to, e.g., a short video or picture(s).

(*) University recognized by the German Ministry of Education


Evaluation – Have your ideas rated and rate the ideas of others

The jury of experts will be composed of Siemens managers and high-level specialists. They will review all the entries submitted and select seven of the ten finalists.

Three other finalists will be selected based on the communitie's vote. The online community will discuss and rate the ideas according to five pre-defined, equally-weighted criteria. Each criterion can be given a score between 1 and 5 stars. Based on these results, the community will determine a list of other finalists from which the experts will choose 3.

The ten finalists will then present and discuss their ideas in a live competition leading up to an awards ceremony. The Board of Trustees and jury of noted scientists will select and announce the three best ideas.


1st place award winner €20,000

2nd place award winner €10,000

3rd place award winner €5,000

All ten finalists will receive a Pioneer Executive Package with a certificate and
other incentives.


Community – Submit, connect and discuss!

Become an active part of the community as a registered member. Discuss and evaluate other people's ideas, whether or not you choose to submit one yourself. The three most active community members will also get an invitation to the awards ceremony.

In addition to the actual voting, there is a "Like" button for intuitive evaluation. This will not influence the selection of the winners but allows you to provide encouragement to people whose ideas you like. We hope you enjoy the opportunities of our community and connect with other like-minded members.

To ask a member to join your personal circle of friends in the community, just click on "add as friend" to send a request. You may also login using the Facebook connect button and share and discuss your ideas with your Facebook friends.


Top-class Award Ceremony

The ten finalists will attend a grand event in Berlin, Germany and be one of the 150 guests at the awards ceremony.

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Timeline – Important dates!