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extension New Electric Wire Fly .pdf

Airplane+ TRAM = AIRTRAIN ( for lift UP forces we can use turbine - slow version or traditional wings - ulta speed )

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( please use CTR and mouse scrol to ZOOM picture ) Idea is easy give energy to fly vehicle by wire /Imposiible ? - 1 please see VW car ; please see full new wire .pdf ( 2 Mb )

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ECO (no big batterty) small battery for emergency landing - easy to build electric line (SAHARA ,mountains, river ) ,Tourist atraction, ULTRA silent, ( not like helic.), safety start and strop ( 50 cm high fly in ultra speed version )

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Please look at city version link VIP TAXI /ambulance /fireman -

WIRE mean Cheaper and faster than railway - low cost infrastrcture build - cheper than airplane
This what is impossible for train (SAHARA or mountain ) is easy for my system. 1

In POLAND i not have money condition - I dream very fast start build my new turbine ( my airplane will not look like traditional helicopters ) I hope that SIEMENS will help me improve my system MY NEW TURBINE
. Ultra silent work and extra speed ( this we can use also for small electric plane !!!

ZERO huge reactrions forces for groud

to see all of my design please visit br MAROSZ TESLA 2

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