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10 Euro / Lamp + radio can save RALLY or NORMAL DRIVER LIVE !!! Reduce global energy for accident .

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below link show very danger rally accident and simply remote control ( light on / off ) from any supermarket use this Radio Light warning to eliminate accidents >

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Save live / global energy for hospital / can be also in future use for General Rule Siemens work on similar WI-FI Car To Car but this is more cheaper FASTER ! NO PROTOCOLE just Radio Wave 10 euro

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You can make remote and light warning fit to all car - this box need cooporate with GPS ( for get position index in radio signal and not block in one time many roads near accident area ) NO NEED ONLINE COMUNICATION between GPS and anather CAR

1 Car 1 go to A4 highway ( system set road name and direction )
2 Car left A4 and start use A6 ( system set road name and direction )

We use GPS only one time not online constant info - directly RADIO SIGNAL Can be good fast module for SIEMENS Wi-Fi C2C system

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submitted: 22.07.2012