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Photo-voltaic powered cold storage for agricultural products

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This idea focuses on creating an off-grid, PV-powered cold storage system to be used at farm-level to provide suitable storage environment for the harvested agricultural produce, so as to reduce the loss of agricultural products at farms.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
-Drastic reduction in wastage of agricultural products.
-Sustained Income generation for farmers
-Crop-rotation possibilities
-Self-sustained storage for farmers/co-operatives
-No grid connectivity necessary
-Zero carbon emissions due to use of PV.

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
More than 30% of agricultural produce is wasted at farms due to lack of proper cold storage facilities in India only. This issue is rampant in most of developing countries, where agriculture is a major income-generator and there is lack of adequate infrastructure at farm-level. The system can be of different capacities and would also have battery back-up and has ice-pack refrigeration system for 24hr operation. It can be installed for a single farm or for a cooperative of farmers. It will not only increase the crop yield from a farm but encourage farmers to rotate the crop as they would have storage facility. It will also enable farmers to go to market directly from the farm and reduce their dependence of local storage facilities, thereby giving them more value for their produce. Being PV powered, it is clean source and won't depend on availability of grid and could be installed wherever the sun shines.

agriculture, energy, income generation, production chain, renewable, rural electrification, storage, value creation

Renewable energy



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submitted: 23.07.2012