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The flexible city

Short description (max. 250 characters)
In big metropolis people and companies need to be more and more flexible. You need to be with your flat where your customers or your workplace is. The solution is that you just leave your things in your flat/office and move the room as a whole.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
+ high flexibility due to movable units
+ moving house will be cheaper, time saving and easy
+ react quick and easy to market situation
+ adaptable to individual employment situation
+ moving will be easy
+ environmentally friendly

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
Basically the system consist of two things:

1.The skyscraper framework (SSF) that consists of many slots and is providing all the necessary infrastructure (electricity, fresh water, wastewater sewage etc)

The living/working unit (LWU) that fits into these slots and which contains all your personal things

The city of the future will have several SSF and a lot of LWUs that fit into it. Basically the SSF holds all the LWUs and connects them with the necessary supply of information, energy and material. Standardized interfaces make sure that the link between LWU and SSF always fit. A crane on top of the SSF is lifting the LWUs to the right slot. The LWU glides with rails into the slot and is connected to the SSF’s ports. The LWUs can be connected internally so you can have a smaller or bigger room tailored to your temporary needs.

There will be several types and sizes of LWUs. Living rooms, kitchens, sleeping rooms, bathrooms, offices, workshops etc. They can be put next to each other in the SSF and get connected by just moving the walls of the LWUs. Energy is saved because the hull of the SSF will have always up to date energy infrastructure. The insulation will be optimized and there will be solar panels on every surface which is exposed to the sun. Besides energy is saved due to the fact that just one ride for one move is enough and the electric transportation vehicle can take several LWUs.

flexibility, quick reaction to market, time saving




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