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Moving Soil

Short description (max. 250 characters)
A large overground conveyor belt with soil and plants on it is moving from outside the city to the centre.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
+ use of organic waste
+ protects environment
+ peolpe see their food
+ greener cities

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
The main idea is to have a very slowly moving conveyor belt with soil on wich crops are moving slowly to the city while they ripe.

At the same time another conveyor belt is moving underground just in the oppposite direction to bring the organic waste from the city to the starting point of the fresh conveyor belt.

On the way to the city centre the riping is monitored by sensors and if needed water is injected into the soil or air is ventilated etc. At the end of the fresh fruit conveyor belt robots pick the fruits and bring them to the shop where people can buy it.

The remaining soil goes to the oragnic waste conveyor belt and is also brought to the starting point of the fresh fruit conveyor belt. Before the organic waste is used as soil a monitor system sorts out unsuitable parts and puts the into a bio gas reactor where anergy is created to drive the conveyor belt.

crops, efficiency, energy, food, nutrition, soil

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submitted: 31.07.2012