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Tanking car at work. A Simple new business Model.

Short description (max. 250 characters)
Groups of Interest:
Middle or large Enterprise of electrical industry
Employees of this Enterprise
Enterprise establish tank possibilities of their employees eCars and supply with cheap energy.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
*Easy integration of eCars on first stages.
*About 4000EUR profit for each eCar in first 4 years.
*Developmet of Know-How

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
For more detail pls read my presentation ;)

Groups of Interest:
*Middle or large industrial Enterprise who participate in production of eCas, equipment for them or have a solid knowledge base in this aria.
*Employees of this Enterprise, who are interested in possibility of cheap traveling to the work and have social and technical understanding.

*This is not a permanent global, but a temporal local solution.
*The implementation of this proposal depend only on this two groups of interest.

*Enterprise establish and maintain at work parking places for their employees a tank possibilities for eCars.
*Enterprise supply their employee’s eCars with cheap energy.
*Enterprise use eCars for shaping only their own load for cost reduction.
*Motivations: Profit, Know-How, Prestige, New Market

automobile, e-cars, efficiency, energy consumption, energy saving, factory of the future, mobility, powered house, production chain, storage

Mobility, Factory of the future, Energy storage, Renewable energy



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