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Mitochondrial Battery Unit

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Theoretical implementation of the chemiosmotic coupling in oxidative phosphorylation to store electrical energy.

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Use one morphology/topology to integrate all the present variety of storage systems in order to ensure a reliable supply from renewable energy sources.

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Imagine sustainable solutions for a zero emission society. How can you upgrade our ageing environment to a zero emission society?
In order to answer this question in a significant manner, we have to identify and take into account all the factors that impute the CO2 emissions in our society, so we can find a plausible root solution to the problematic.
In the future we will gain much more energy from renewables but the constraint in storage capacity limits its use.
Nowadays, the electricity generated from existing conventional peak-loaded power plants is still cheaper than storing renewable energy in systems that are yet to be built. The usage of storage systems is today already paying off in areas that are remote from the grid, and in countries with less developed grids.
It´s a fact, that energy storage is a technological challenge, therefore research must be further encouraged in this area to cut costs and increase efficiency.


Energy storage



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submitted: 31.07.2012