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effective filtersystems for factories

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Emerging countries dont have so strict rules for factory filtersystems like we in EU. They throwing out uncontrolled huge amounts of camicals for air and water pollution.develope effective, cheap air and water filtersystems for factories

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
reduce airpollution
reduce waterpollution
save the environment

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In ermerging countries the factories have often old machines, and huge output of airpollution and waterpollution. It seems like nobody controll them, or they just dont care about the environment. Let's make people and factories more aware to save the environment. Develope cheap filtersystems for the demands of the factory, to reduche airpollution and waterpollution, and to controll their industriell waste.
if we develope cheap filtersystems which mayby not this much good, like we habĀ“ve to have by European Community rules, but good enough to filter the most pollution out,- then its allready a big step forward.

air pollution, M3/M4 markets, save environment, water pollution. filter systems

Buildings, Factory of the future



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submitted: 31.07.2012