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Smart Powerplant

Short description (max. 250 characters)
We reached an age everybody should ask himself " what is my input to the energy turnaround?"
We as upcoming engineers take the decision to build an smart powerplant.
Smart means an combination of producing the power and saving the power.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
+ lower CO2-pollution due to a solar powerplant
+ intelligent combination of helioelectric power + accumulator
+ research in energystorage
+ public participation

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
Lectures, seminars, internships belong to the studies becoming an engineer at technical college. As Students of the college of further education Bielefeld we want to gain more practical experience and furthermore try to contribute a part to the energy change in Germany with the Students-Power-Plant.
We are convinced that photovoltaic plays a important part in the future of powersupply in the face of shortage of feed-in compensation.

Our aim is to build a photovoltaic-roof-installation. After that, we would like to create a consumption-based-product-structure. That means, we want to link an accumulator with the power plant. If the consumption of electric energy rises because of daily peaks we can draw on the stored energy of our accumulator. We want to store 10% of the gained energy for studies and development of the efficiency of those accumulators.

The power-performance is planned with more than 100 kWp.

90% of the produced power will supply the public grid.
10% of the produced power will be used for research-purposes for students.

80% investigation by public participation.
20% by company support.

The the photovoltaic-plant should be finished until may 2013.

Our team counts 10 students of the college of further education Bielefeld. We plan and implement the project into practice by us. The VDI OWL and college of further education Bielefeld act as supporter.

efficiency, energy, energy saving, smart, sustainable

Energy storage



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