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A few steps for the Future

Short description (max. 250 characters)
Spread use of LEDs in city/roads lighting.(governments)
Better education for children about energy and primary goods.(everyone)
More cooperation in production and distribution chian from the small farmer/company to corporations.(utility provider)

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
Energy and energy costs savings on the middle-long term.
More aware people with possible engagement for the future.
Sustainable and more economic energy usage, good social impact and eventually higher product quality.

Detailed description (max. 500 words)
The use of LEDs in city lighting has a lot of advantages especially on the long term. A good example is Torraca, a small village in Campany.
Would also fit in the "Intelligent optimized traffic systems".

Teach children on where energy comes from, how Earth provides us with all the primary goods and how we use them so they become aware of the overpopulation and other matters.
This would support the occuring of good ideas in the future and form people on real reasons for acting "enviromental".

The transportation (often costly and polluting) of goods could be minimized supporting decentralization of production, with near end destination, especially in the food industry.
In my opinion, it has no sense to import goods that could be easily producted near the consumer. Especially in southern Europe you have often the problem that the farmers are not paid well enough to gain anything so they stop hundreds of years long cultures, with consequences as increasing of the jobless, expansion of wastelands. Not really sustainable.
Govenrments should provide laws to protect inland food production and distribution.

As well they could incentive greater organizations to include smaller ones and support them, so that the technologic and social gaps within a land can't increase too fast.
To keep the pace with the developing countries will become a key challenge in the near future.

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