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Wind power in human settlements through Wind Turbine Wells

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Wells with wind turbines are installed on the side of houses in higher floors in cities.
These wells could also be mounted in attics of single- and multi-family houses in suburbs and villages.

Key benefits (max. 250 characters)
- Renewable energy
- No need to “transport” energy
- Opportunity to use existing infrastructure (streets and
- Meet the challenges of energy turnaround
- No need to block the entire landscape
- …

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Wind is mostly used in large open spaces – apart of cities, suburbs and villages.
Wind has to be transported from these unpeopled areas to places where human beings live.
Wind is everywhere - also in human settlements!

There are hundreds of streets and alleys in cities and towns.
These streets can act as channels that lead and focus wind.
Thus wind is bundled and is stronger in a small space.

This effect could be used as follows:
The bundled wind can be channelized through wells that are installed on the side of houses in higher floors.
These wells are equipped with wind power wheels which produce energy.
By the help of isolation it should be possible to reduce the noise of the turbines to a sufferable minimum.
Additionally such wind turbine wells could also be mounted on flat roofs of higher buildings.
To reach a higher security of electricity supply photovoltaic is able to serve as a complementary system.

Also in suburbs and villages there is wind. Such settlements consist of single- or multi-family houses most often. These houses have very often unused attics in which slots could be built in. Also in this case the wind turbine well could be combined with photovoltaic energy. Particularly houses with a roof in a southerly direction (which are used to produce solar energy anyway) would be able to use west wind.

Using wind not only in large open spaces but also in human settlements could help to reduce „transport“ problems of energy and to meet the challenges of energy turnaround without the need to block the entire landscape.

buildings, cities, energy generation, human settlements, Renewable energy, villages, wind power

Buildings, Renewable energy



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