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Atlantis uses power produced by
Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System(MHRS)
The system uses hot water produced by hydrothermal vents which are located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, or Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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The main benefit of Atlantis is the it uses an energy source which is endless, environmentally friendly, free and solves the problem of transporting the electricity to its user by getting the user to its source.

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The main idea behind Atlantis is that we can produce energy intensive products on very low cost. e.g aluminum with prize contains 60% energy prize, or copper and iron. The ores of the metall could be rafinate on atlantis. Atlantis big atvantage is that today most ores where mined in a country like australian and later process in other country like china. Now for this example we could build Atlantis and a MHRS in the Pacific Ring of Fire and process the ore before its carried to the final station and save a lot of fuel. Even chemicals needed for the aluminium production could be extrcted for the sea water. An additional greenhouse can supply workers with food and fresh water.
Atlantis works only technologies which are used today. E.g oil rig extrax from below 2300 meters1.hydrothermal vents are found in deeps between 500 and 1500 meters2., flowtabel platform and oil rigs of that size are build today3. Hydrothermal vent are used as an soucre for ores by Nautilus Minerals Inc 4.
It only needs some investment to build a highly profitable and environmentally friendly factory of the future.

If you have any questions let me know, I'm sure I can answer them


factory of the future, natural energy, renewable energy, resource efficiency

Factory of the future, Renewable energy


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