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Focus on Behavior Change Based Approach to reduce energy consumption in manufacturing facility

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Many manufacturing companies invest lots of money on technology changes (eg. replacing with more energy efficient equipment) as their energy reduction program. My idea is to explore the use of low cost employee behavior changes to reduce energy usage

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-Low-Cost energy reduction program
-Raises awareness and engages employees
-Reduction in wasted energy
-Creates a mechanism to sustain improvements and behavior changes for moving forward
-Encourages employees to develop energy saving ideas

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The energy management and reduction programs are not a new concept but they have traditionally focused on technology changes such as investing in more efficient equipments, purchasing a new energy efficient technology is certainly part of the solution and its alone is not sufficient. Instead the energy reduction program should be augmented by a comprehensive employee engagement and behavior change program. Some examples of system are,
-Empower employees to voluntarily take ownership of work and conserve energy -Encouragement of employees with incentives
-To have a regular manager level discussions on energy saving activities.
It is the ‘pull’ system for energy saving improvements and engagement, essentially using peer-pressure on employees rather than relying on top-down pressure.
A key reason for the lack of sophistication in most behavior change energy reduction programs is the lack of resources available especially in compared to energy reduction program through technology changes. My recommendation is to develop the process to educate the engineer an Employee Behavior Change energy reduction program as there is no formal literature or textbook or formulas which the engineer can use to calculate the potential energy savings due to employee behavior change. And to develop the indicators that the company can use to check the success of energy savings through employee engagement. A real-time feedback system can be designed and installed to provide the manufacturing facility energy consumption, the feedback system could be developed to help sustain improvements and further energy reductions through employee behavior change.

behavior, change based approach, factory of the future, manufacturing facility, resource efficiency

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submitted: 09.07.2012