Nikolas Engelhard - A decentralized solution to the parking space problem

Kathrin Fierenkothen, Ulrike Wallbott - Plug 'n Plus | add-on modules for every existing building

Christoph Fritsch - Storaging potential energy in supporting tower of wind turbine

Andreas Hoffmann, Andreas Groeger, Michael Grillenberger - System with LVDC Link

Sascha Kaiser - Smart infrastructure

David Leinfelder - Using renewable energies for decentralized production of synthetic natural gas

Niraj Marathe - Photo-voltaic powered cold storage for agricultural products

Georg Moser - The flexible city

Tobias Raab - Wind power in human settlements through wind turbine wells

Bastian Schammann - Using gravitational potential energy to produce electricity by the use of escalators

The Siemens Student Award Germany 2012

The Siemens Student Award Germany 2012 has ended. The ten finalist teams joined the fancy award ceremony with more than 100 guests in Berlin, Germany, where the winners were chosen by a high-profile jury.

Leading Siemens executives were present to personally get to know the finalists. Mr. Siegers, Chief Executive Officer Siemens Germany, hosted the Award Ceremony and awarded the winners with the prices.

Get to know more about the Siemens Student Award Germany 2012, the participants and the top ten ideas.

Group picture - Finalists and Rudolf Martin Siegers

Group picture - Finalists and Jury members

Group picture - Winners and Rudolf Martin Siegers